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My clients often describe anxiety as the part of them that holds them back from being their full self and living the life they desire. 

Whether it's because we learned to cope this way from traumatic experiences, our brain convinces us that something terrible could happen, or we recognize it doesn't make sense but feel compelled to do it anyway, our anxious feelings, obsessive thoughts, fears, and compulsive behaviors can become debilitating.

I've found it helpful to think of anxiety as a protective part of us that has worked really hard to take care of us, but may not need to anymore.

My goal is to help you learn ways to feel more in control of your anxiety, let go of control when necessary, and feel empowered to face your fears. 

There tends to be a pattern in how we interact with people in our lives, which we may have learned from our childhood, past relationships, and culture.

A pattern isn't always a bad thing. I enjoy helping clients figure out whether their patterns are working well for them, because understanding yourself is the first step to figuring out whether you want or need to make changes. 

It may be time to check in if you feel unsure of who you are after conforming to those around you for a long time, or find yourself sacrificing your needs to please people. I'd also be happy to offer objective feedback if you are happy with the way you are, but others find it hard to connect with you because they expect more vulnerability from you.

It is becoming increasingly recognized that ADHD represents a difference, rather than necessarily a deficit, in the way our brains work. Nevertheless, this neurodivergence can come with many challenges when operating in a world that is not quite designed for it. 

My clients with ADHD often struggle to reach the potential that they know they have, which can reinforce unhelpful beliefs about their own abilities. This can lead to poor self-esteem that accompany the existing difficulties with organization, time management, and planning. 

My work with individuals who have ADHD explores and coaches you through strategies to better reach your goals. We also address other aspects of your life that are intertwined, such as your emotional health and relationship health. My clients learn to advocate for their style of thinking, while honoring the needs of loved ones. 


Whether by birth, adoption, or choice, family can both be a source of joy and support, as well as a source of stress and hurt. 

Family is often the very first "system" we are a part of, and play a part in. A system has a way of maintaining itself, so it can be particularly difficult to break out of unhelpful dynamics. 

For adults: Balancing your individual values and family values is often a constant juggling act. I can help navigate the tensions of independence and connection when it comes to family, especially when you find yourself straddling two cultures or value systems due to different lived experiences, immigration journeys, or religious beliefs than your family members. 

For parents: Raising another human being is no simple feat, so seeking support need not be your last resort. I have experiences with Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and working with children and teens, which guide my work with parents. Let's put our heads together to help you regain control and joy in your relationship with your children.