Family Conflicts

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Family Wounds and Intergenerational Trauma

Intergenerational trauma isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind when we think about what families pass down from one generation to the next, but it couldn't be more universal. Psychological and emotional pain can often be traced back generations, transmitted through historical, cultural, or familial events. The impact of past suffering can be carried forward through beliefs, behaviors, and relationships within families. They link generations together, albeit in less visible ways than looks or personality traits might. 

Breaking this cycle involves acknowledging, understanding, and addressing the inherited effects of trauma. In therapy, we'll start by exploring your story and identifying ways you would like to move forward. Healing from intergenerational trauma in therapy can help not only to improve your present wellbeing, but to break away from patterns and create a new narrative of your future.

Conflicts in Values, Religious Beliefs, Political Views, etc.

Generational gaps present themselves in various ways among families. It's not uncommon for children's worldview to deviate from their parents' as they grow into young adults. While to some extent this represents a natural progression, other times it can lead to significant strains in family relationships due to conflicting values and belief systems. 

If you find that these differences are getting in the way of maintaining the type of relationship you desire with your family, I may be able to help. Individual therapy can help clarify your own values, needs, and boundaries. Family sessions may also be helpful to work through conflicts and resentments, while improving communication.

Acculturation Differences

As immigration continues to be weaved into the fabric of our society, members within a family are often experiencing different levels of acculturation concurrently. This introduces a layer of complexity that can challenge family relationships as it may be more difficult to find common ground and mutual understanding. Embracing ancestral heritage while adapting to a new cultural context can be a tricky task as well. 

My journey as an international student, a grandchild of immigrants, and an immigrant myself informs and humbles my perspective about these challenges. In therapy, I help clients navigate the difficulties of straddling two cultures, with the goal of finding peace and joy in both.  

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