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From Task Management and Goal Setting to Self Love and Self-Esteem

Differences in the way that your brain works when you have ADHD can make time management, task management, and goal setting challenging, especially in a world that is largely designed for neurotypical people. These ongoing challenges can also negatively affect the way you see yourself, your self-perceived competence, and your overall self-esteem.

Therapy can help identify strategies that work well for you and your cognitive style to attain life goals that are meaningful to you. It can also help you change unhelpful narratives you may have formed about yourself. 

Impact of ADHD on Significant Relationships

The thing that diagnostic criteria don't tell us about ADHD is that it can have a significant impact on your interpersonal relationships. Misinterpretations about behaviors and actions can occur when we forget to take into account the different neurotypes of the people involved. 

As someone with both personal and professional experiences in this area, I can help you advocate for yourself and navigate the impact of ADHD on your significant relationships more effectively. 

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