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I Didn't Know I Could Talk About Sex in Therapy

For most of us, sex can feel like a taboo topic that you don't talk about with many people, let alone your healthcare provider, except in the most sterile, clinical way with your OB/GYN or urologist. Even then, it can feel awkward. The reality is that one's sexual health and wellness is a part of their general health and wellness. And, surprise, therapy is a safe space to talk about this topic, too, just like any other topic that affects your wellbeing and mental health. 

So let's get this out of the way: yes, you can talk about sex in therapy. That includes sex drive, sexual attraction, sexual obsessions, and difficulties around sex. Therapy that focuses on sexual wellness (sometimes called sex therapy) does not involve any physical contact between the client and the therapist. You are likely to feel like it's TMI ("too much information") to talk about sex with your therapist, but if it's affecting you, and you'd like help with it, that's what we're here for.   

Anxiety, Pain, Self-Esteem, or Unhelpful Beliefs Affecting Sex

Whether it's stressors happening in other areas of your life, concerns about body image and self-esteem, physical pain or difficult past experiences, or challenging beliefs and expectations around sex and intimacy, many factors can legitimately and understandably get in the way of sex. 

Sex therapy can help examine the barriers, challenge misperceptions, and identify strategies to help find solutions and meet your goals.  

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