Parenting Support

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Parenting Coaching/Consultation

A friend once told me that parenting is one the most emotionally rewarding but challenging tasks on the planet. I believe there's no one right way to parent, but understanding the compatibility between your natural parenting style and your child's temperament, is key to having a healthy parent-child relationship. 

My experiences in child and adolescent therapy as well as family therapy have equipped me with the tools to provide guidance for families that may be feeling stuck. In parenting consultation, we'll look at your values and beliefs, your child's emotional needs, and your family goals, to identify workable solutions to improve your home life and your relationship with your child.

Individual Therapy for Parents

It's not uncommon for parents to feel particularly challenged or emotionally triggered themselves, in the context of their child's mental health concerns. Intergenerational family wounds are more likely to continue impacting different family members when they are left unresolved. 

Sometimes it can be helpful to focus on your self-care while you navigate your journey of parenting. You may be surprised by the amount of capacity you free up in your role as a parent, when you no longer carry the emotional burdens from your own past experiences.

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